Invigorate your senses.

Tonic was a concept built from the ground up, an opportunity for 773c to forage into the world of hospitality from the inside. In 2015, 773c built, designed, and created one of the top 5 bars in Worcester, a venue that is inviting, friendly, and offers a social drinking environment designed solely around sharing great times with great friends.

‘in vino veritas, in cibum sanitas.'

'in wine there is truth, in food there is health.'

With the success of the dedicated gin bar in Tonic we decided Worcester should have its very own Gin festival. A summer event put on in Worcester’s grand Guildhall in partnership with Fever-Tree.

Project Services

Brand Positioning
Brand Identity
Design for Print
Design for Web
Photography / Video
Packaging Design
Interior Design
Animation / Interactive

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